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CatchMyPain is an intelligent pain diary app that helps you keep track of your pain and connect with similar patients

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  • Intelligent Pain Diary App

    Pain is complex. In order to be able to treat pain effectively, experts recommend you keep a diary. With CatchMyPain you can express your pain by using detailed drawings among many other instruments. The drawings and generated charts will help you to explain your pain problem to others and allow you and your care provider to observe the success of your treatment. On top of all this, you can connect with similar patients and support the fight against pain.


    Pain Diary

    Draw the location and intensity of your pain on a body model, describe the pain character, track your happiness, stress, fatigue, record your medication intake and much more. You can use CatchMyPain on your iOS and Android devices and on your computer. It is available in various different languages.

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    Pain Community

    You are not the only one suffering from pain. Share your experience and get support from fellow pain patients around the world.

    Fighting Pain Together

    Chronic pain is wide spread and it’s impact on the quality of life can be severe. We want to change this! Therefore the CatchMyPain team and its medical partners are using the anonymized(!) information from the diaries to conduct research and gain new insights about pain. Join the fight against chronic pain!

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