Connect with Your Patients’ Pain Diaries

It’s about time, patients become co-authors of their medical records.

210k patients can’t be wrong

Over 210.000 patients are already using the CatchMyPain app to track their pain condition, medications, level of stress and fatigue, and much more. Now it’s possible to connect seamlessly with their digital pain diary.

Browse the list of your patients and have a closer look at a specific patient to examine the course of his pain as well as the treatment effect.

Every time a patient updates his pain diary, the pain documentation in your system gets updated in real-time.

The ability to overlay multiple data streams finally jolted me and my pain docs into the realization that […] we need to be more aggressive. We have made a lot of med changes and are also trying some new meds. It is helping.”

Ken, Pain Patient

Accurate Pain Record

Pain is being documented by the patient himself, at the time of occurrence, and in a well structured form.

Compare specific Patients

Find and analyze all patient records with a specific pain pattern (e.g. pain in the left cheek).

Privacy and Security

All data remains anonymous. Only you know, to whom a patient’s identifier belongs. Any data transmission is encrypted.

Structured Overview saves Time

Patients take care of the documentation work and automatically generated charts and reports provide a time saving overview.

Get deep Insights

Having all pain data in a structured digital form allows you to do analytics like never before.

And many more Features

We strive to continuously improve the pain documentation system based on your feedback and suggestions.

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