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We try our best to answer the most frequently asked questions about CatchMyPain here:

Q: The app is stuck (e.g. white screen or synchronization not proceeding any more)
A: Most problems can be solved by manually force quitting the app and starting it again. If that doesn’t help, please try uninstalling and then reinstalling the app. If you have created an account, all your entries will be synchronized back to your device and no data should be lost.

Q: I’ve purchased a feature on my phone. Do I have to buy it again on my tablet?
A: Yes. Making the app available on multiple platforms took us a lot of time and we therefore need to charge for features on each platform.

Q: Is the transfer and storage of my data secure?
A: We are using modern security measures to protect your data. The data is only transferred over a SSL-encrypted connection and stored on secured servers. We recommend also that you lock your mobile device with a PIN or unlock pattern and log out of the app on your computer (power symbol at the bottom of the menu bar).

Q: Who has access to my data and what happens with my data?
A: Our goal is to gain new insights about chronic pain and to improve its treatment based on the anonymized data from all pain diaries. Our team analyzes the anonymized data and shares it with pain experts. Your privacy is of upmost importance to us! We only collect the information that we need and we keep your data safe. Your email address is the only personal information which could lead to your identity and we will never show it to anyone else. For more information, see our general terms and conditions which also include our privacy policy.

Q: I am using CatchMyPain on multiple devices and one of those does not show all the entries. What can I do?
A: First, you need to perform a synchronization on the device which shows all of your entries. You can do this by triggering the synchronization manually in the settings menu (settings on tablets and computer: gear-wheel icon on the start screen, on smartphones: “settings” under the drop-down menu in the top left corner). Please make sure that your device has a working internet connection. When you have done this successfully, perform a synchronization on the second device. You don’t need to synchronize manually normally; CatchMyPain does automatic synchronizations on a regular basis.

Q: I forgot my password!?!
A: Use the link on the login screen of CatchMyPain to recover your password. We will send you a new password to the email address which you have used to register the account.

Q: It says my email address is already in use!?
A: If you start CatchMyPain after a fresh install it is important to login with your existing account instead of simply tapping the “Get started” button, as this would automatically generate a new account for you. If you then want to register your email address the address is already in use by your old account. If you are in this situation and want to change to your existing account you have to reinstall the application and then start with “login with an existing account”. Please contact us using the contact form if you need any assistance.

Q: Is it possible that multiple people can use CatchMyPain on one single device?
A: Yes, CatchMyPain supports multiple profiles on one device. Of course you will only see your own data. If another person wants to log in or register on your device, you need to log out first. Click on the power symbol at the bottom of the menu bar in the app (on computer and tablets), or on the “log out” button at the end of the settings screen (on smartphones).

Q: How can I print my pain entries or share them with others?
A: Go to the “Send to email” button on the main screen. Use it to send the link to your diary to your medical care provider or yourself. When you open the export page you will find a print button.

Q: How can I delete one or more of my pain entries?
A: Go to the “Pain Entries” list accessible from the main screen. Navigate to the entry you want to delete and tap on it to open the details view. Tab there on the “Remove Pain Entry” button (on computer and tablets in the top right corner and on smartphones at the bottom of the details view).

Q: I don’t want to get any push notifications anymore or not that frequently. What do I need to do?
A: Go to the settings in the app. At the bottom of the screen you have a category called push notifications. There you can change the setting for the maximum frequency of push notifications. If you wish not to get any notification, set the frequency on “never”.

Q: What features can I find where?
A: You can use CatchMyPain on multiple devices and not every device has the same features. To see what features you can find where, please go to the following link:

Q: I have a new/a second device. Can I use my PRO purchase, respectively my in-app purchases, on the new/second device as well?
A: Please notice that the purchases are per device and not automatically transferred to all other devices. Should you however have the same device more than once (e.g. several iPads) or change that device (e.g. new iPad), you will be able to restore your purchase for free: On your new/second smartphone, visit addons in the main navigation menu in the CatchMyPain app. Scroll down to the end of the screen and tap on the button “Restore In-App Purchases”. On the new/second tablet, go to the App Store or Google Play Store and download the PRO version again. Please note that your second device needs to be linked to the same iTunes or Google account where you did the initial purchase.

Q: Who is behind CatchMyPain?
A: CatchMyPain is developed and maintained by the independent Swiss start-up Sanovation AG. Important partners like the Department of Informatics at the University of Zurich, the Clinics Valens, the Swiss government’s Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI), the Hasler Foundation and several additional pain experts support the development and research activities. In order to ensure our independence, the Sanovation AG states in the articles of incorporation that every pharmaceutical company can be prevented from becoming a shareholder in the start-up.

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